Dialogue I: The Next Wave of Innovation
An extraordinary group of CEOs from the world’s leading technology companies will share their visions for the future during this opening dialogue. Software is at the heart of information technology innovation. Software powers today's reservations systems, controls the flow of goods though factories, and runs the web sites for companies from eBay and Amazon to the Sanibel Barber Shop and Katz's Deli. What key innovations lie ahead, and what will they mean to society, the economy, and industry? Session Moderator: Lou Dobbs, CNN.  panelist information

Dialogue II: Transforming Today’s Challenges into Tomorrow’s Realities
The rapid advance of new technologies has brought with it a new set of challenges and opportunities: businesses are confronted with new market realities; innovators are working on the next “killer app”; and policymakers are shaping the future with their responses to a set of current and emerging policy challenges. Keeping pace with these changes helps ensure that innovation continues to be an engine for economic growth and opportunity. This dialogue explores how we can continue to maximize innovation’s impact on our quality of life? What are the right policy prescriptions for unleashing even greater innovation and for building more confidence in technology and the Internet? What role does technology play as we grapple with current and emerging security challenges around the globe? How do we grow tomorrow’s businesses in today’s economy? Session Keynote: Andy Grove, Intel Corporation; Session Moderator: Mike Jensen, Financial Correspondent, USA.  panelist information

Dialogue III: The Great Digital Transformation
Over the past decade, technology and software advances have enhanced nearly every aspect of our lives. Yet we have barely begun to see the impact that technology innovation will ultimately have on everything from education to health care to business, government and entertainment. What are some of the most significant advances down the road that we can reasonably expect from technology? How do we ensure that the benefits of future innovation reach every corner of the globe? Session Keynote and Moderator: James Burke, BBC, PBS, science historian, author, UK.  panelist information


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