Christopher Cox, U.S. House of Representatives

Rep. Chris Cox is the highest-ranking Californian in the Majority Leadership in Congress. As Chairman of the House Policy Committee, elected by the full majority Conference in the House for five consecutive terms, he is the fourth-ranking member of the leadership behind the speaker. On Jan. 7, 2003, Speaker J. Dennis Hastert appointed him to head the House’s new Homeland Security Committee.

Cox also serves on the House Leadership Steering Committee and the Committee on Energy and Congress. Cox has established himself as a leading advocate of economic growth through lower taxes, free enterprise, and limited government. In the past few years, he has seen more than a dozen of his bills enacted into law, including the Internet Non-Discrimination Act, which provides for the current moratorium on multiple and discriminatory taxes on the Internet, and the Securities Litigation Reform Act, the only bill that became law over President Clinton's veto. Before being elected to Congress, Cox served as senior associate counsel to President Reagan. Cox graduated simultaneously from Harvard Business School and the Harvard Law School. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Southern California.

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