Thomas Dolby Robertson, Musician, Digital Music Pioneer

Thomas Dolby Robertson is president of Retro Ringtones LLC. He first became known for his groundbreaking 1980's albums and music videos including "She Blinded Me With Science". After his involvement with many platinum albums, and 5 Grammy Nominations, Thomas saw the immense opportunities for musicians in the digital age, and in 1993 pulled together a group of his peers to brainstorm on how different their economic and artistic futures might become if digital distribution became feasible.

A longtime pioneer of high-tech applications for music in virtual reality, computer games, and the Web, Thomas founded Beatnik Inc in the mid-90's where he co-developed the polyphonic ringtone engine technology now licensed by Nokia and each of the world's top five mobile phone manufacturers. He left Beatnik in 2002 to work as a private consultant for mobile operators, record labels and VC firms. As a sideline, Thomas has formed one of the industry's first highly specialized ringtone companies, Retro Ringtones LLC. The Retro library ( is distributed by Vodafone, Orange, O2 and T-Mobile, and focuses on 'sampled' master recordings of desirable back-catalog content.

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