Mike Jensen, Financial Correspondent

Mike Jensen Mike Jensen, former NBC's News’ Emmy-award-winning chief financial correspondent, has been named by TV Guide as the best economics/business correspondent in America. Making finance and business easy to understand - along with relating them to everyday life in an exciting and interesting way - has been one of his chief accomplishments. But the former financial reporter for The New York Times is equally known for his no holds barred investigative stories for NBC Nightly News, for his human-interest features on Today, for having appeared on MSNBC, special broadcasts and documentaries. Jensen has reported on every major economic event of the last three decades, from the energy crisis of the ‘70s, to the stock market boom and crash in the ‘80s, to corporate downsizing in the ‘90s. His reporting has taken him all over the world: To Russia and Poland covering the fall of communism; to Germany when the Berlin Wall came down; to China, Africa and South America. His one-on-one interviews have ranged from Bill Clinton and Alan Greenspan to Mick Jagger and a Zimbabwe medicine man. Jensen is plugged in and logged on to cable and the internet. He had a weekly feature on MSNBC cable analyzing the week’s economic news, and appeared regularly on MSNBC internet with scheduled financial “chats.” He also anchored The Jensen Report, a program on personal finance on the NBC Radio Network. Jensen has received a host of major awards, including, in 1994, he won a National News Emmy for his coverage of the Midwest floods.

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