OPENING SPEAKER: Robert Holleyman, President & CEO, Business Software Alliance

DIALOGUE I - CEO Discussion: The Next Wave of Innovation

  • Bruce Chizen, President & CEO, Adobe Systems, Inc.
  • Carol A. Bartz, Chairman, CEO & President, Autodesk, Inc.
  • David Krall, President & CEO, Avid Technology, Inc.
  • Gregory S. Bentley, CEO, Bentley Systems, Inc.
  • Dale L. Fuller, President & CEO, Borland Software Corporation
  • William Conner, Chairman, President & CEO, Entrust, Inc.
  • Dominique Goupil, President, Filemaker, Inc.
  • Tom Noonan, Chairman, President and CEO, Internet Security Systems, Inc.
  • Rob Burgess, Chairman and CEO, Macromedia, Inc.
  • George Samenuk, Chairman and CEO, Network Associates, Inc.
  • Art Coviello, President and CEO, RSA Security, Inc.

    KEYNOTE SPEAKER (Lunch): The Honorable Tom Ridge, Secretary, Department of Homeland Security
    SPECIAL GUEST: The Honorable Christopher Cox (R-CA), Member of Congress, USA

    DIALOGUE II - Transforming Today’s Challenges into Tomorrow’s Realities
    SESSION KEYNOTE: Andy Grove, Chairman of the Board, Intel Corporation, USA
    MODERATOR: Mike Jensen, Financial Correspondent, USA

  • The Honorable Phil Bond, Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce
  • John Hamre, President & CEO, Center for Strategic & International Studies, USA
  • Javier Pérez Mazatán, Director General Adjunto de Integración de Sistemas de la Coordinación General del Sistema Nacional E-México
  • Nii Narku Quaynor, Chairman and CEO, Network Computer Systems, Ghana
  • Brad Smith, Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Microsoft, USA
  • Michael Tiemann, Chief Technical Officer, Red Hat, Inc.
  • Bill Whyman, Co-founder and President, Precursor Group, USA

    DIALOGUE III: The Great Digital Transformation
    SESSION KEYNOTE AND MODERATOR: James Burke, BBC, PBS, science historian, author, UK

  • The Honorable Maria Consuelo Araujo Castro, Minister of Culture, Colombia
  • Vinton Cerf, Senior Vice President of Technology Strategy, MCI, USA
  • The Honorable Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Member of Congress, USA
  • Joichi Ito, President & CEO, Neoteny, Japan
  • Norman Nie, Research Professor, Stanford University, USA
  • Michael Oborne, Director, Advisory Unit on Multi-Disciplinary Issues, OECD, France
  • Thomas Dolby Robertson, Musician, Digital Music Pioneer, UK
  • Omar Bin Sulaiman, CEO, Dubai Internet City, UAE
  • Guy (Bud) Tribble, Vice President of Software Technology, Apple Computer, USA

    CLOSING SPEAKER: Dean Kamen, President, DEKA Research & Development Corp., Founder, FIRST, Chairman, Segway LLC

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