Norman Nie, Stanford University

Norman Nie Norman Nie is a research professor of political science at Stanford University and director of the SIQSS Institute devoted to the quantitative examination of social change. A nationally recognized scholar in the fields of survey research, quantitative social science, and political behavior, Nie is a two time winner of the Woodrow Wilson award for the best book published in political science (1976, 1997).

Nie served for many years as Professor in the Political Science department at the University of Chicago including two terms as chair of that department. He was also, for many years, a Senior Study Director at the National Opinion Research Center. He joined the Stanford faculty in 1998 to establish SIQSS. Norman Nie also is highly regarded within the IT industry as the co-founder of SPSS, and for many years its president and CEO. Under his leadership, SPSS Inc. has become one of the nation's leading software companies dedicated to the widespread use of statistics. Norman Nie's duel professional achievements make him uniquely qualified to lead an institution dedicated to a scholarly understanding of the effect of IT on society. In addition to acting as Institute Director, Nie has provided the funding basis for the Institute via a decade long commitment of grants from the Carol and Norman H. Nie Charitable Foundation. His work for Stanford and the Institute is performed without remuneration.

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